The solutions we wish had existed when we first started

You can now skip the struggle and do everything right with our toolkit.

Our technology

Best in class software and hardware

With GMT,  we are bringing all our experience, know-how, and most importantly proprietary technology, to the growing yet under-served ecosystem of crypto mining farm operators.

Miners will play a critical role in the blockchain revolution, and we want to equip them with the right tools. The software and hardware solutions we developed over nearly a decade will help anyone scale their mining farms in the most efficient way.

Efficiency is the only way, and you can only achieve it if you think of everything, including forecasting the future. And we even have a solution for that.

Our products

Optimized end-to-end data center and mining operation management software

Modular, self-contained, rapidly deployable cryptocurrency miner

Monte-Carlo based forecasting simulation of market scenarios

Our services

Flexible Financing

Equity, secured credit, JVs, royalties, crypto streams, revisionary structures.

Technology Licensing

Best in class forecasting and operations solutions through Hexa and Janus

Hardware Procurement

AC/DC modules; access to the right hardware through long-standing supply chain relationships

Self-financed Operations

Internally generated pipeline deals may be self-financed and operated by GMT directly

Our Research & Development

Iceland Data Center

Sweden Green House Project

KAZ Data Center